Warsaw 1946: a city of ruins


Himmler on Warsaw

The Warsaw Uprising led to months of carnage and wide-scale destruction that lasted until the Germans withdrew from the city in January 1945. The population of Warsaw was decimated. Barely 1,000 people remained. The artist Marek Zulawski went back in May 1946 with his diary and sketchpad. He found a city in ruins slowing coming back to life. Now in ebook form for the first time, a brand-new translation of a moving and astonishing story - ideal for anybody looking to understand more about Polish history or the Warsaw Uprising. Sign up free to get full access to Translating Marek:
  • Marek's account of life in a city of rubble
  • 15 original drawings made during his trip
  • Tales by survivors of the Warsaw Uprising
  • Future ebooks based on Marek's memoirs
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